Hi! I am Melissa

I am a food lover and the founder of FoodQueries. Food was something that was on my mind since childhood. I always used to have questions like ‘how do I freeze the leftover cake?’, ‘How long can my homemade white pasta sauce last?’ and ‘what ingredients do I need to make this dish?

Despite my curiosity, I found it difficult to find the answers. I was either given too much information or too little. It seemed impossible for me to find all the answers in one place.

So I decided to do something about it. I spent months painstakingly researching different food-related topics and writing down instructions and recipes. I asked various experienced food bloggers and housewives to gather as much information as possible.

Soon enough,  I compiled an extensive database of all the answers to these questions, and Food queries came into existence. 

Everyone quickly fell in love with the ease of access that FoodQueries offered. Now they no longer had to search through multiple websites or ask friends and family. 

I was ecstatic at seeing such praise for a project that I put so much effort into creating! All those frustrated moments spent not being able to find answers turned out to be very worthwhile indeed!

Melissa Baker

What’s my mission?

FoodQueries is on a mission to create solutions that bring people together over food. With my expertise, I make sure that every visitor can always find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. 

I keep on updating the content and adding new recipes to the platform. If you have any specific query related to food or recipes, let me know and I will be happy to provide you with an answer.

Meet the Team

Archana Bisht

Food Blogger and Writer

A foodie with a flair for talking non-stop. You can find me hogging down food or browsing Pinterest for more recipes in my free time. My favorite cuisine is Italian. That being said, I am an excellent pasta cook and love experimenting with ingredients. You can also find me petting strays and feeding them every chance I get.

Orvill Samanta

Editor in chief

A passionate home cook who believes that every meal should be enjoyed with family and friends. I love experimenting in the kitchen and creating delicious dishes that bring people together. My goal is to use my expertise and make cooking a breeze for everyone

Diana Brown

Chef and Photographer

A photographer and a professional chef. I specialize in seeking out ingredients from local farms wherever possible to create dishes that are flavorful, healthy, and nutritious. I take pride in sharing my knowledge and expertise with others so they can enjoy homemade meals like never before.