Black Bear Diner Menu Prices & Outlet Timings {Updated 2023}

Black Bear Diner is a well-known chain of restaurants. They serve delicious American comfort food. The diner started in 1995. It became popular for people who wanted a cozy dinner, like the ones families have at home.

Black Bear Diner Menu Prices have been sourced from the official website. However, the food prices of the outlet might differ slightly depending on the outlet’s location.

Black Bear Diner has a welcoming, rustic feel like a cozy mountain lodge to make customers feel at home.

The restaurant’s popularity can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, it offers a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes. Black Bear Diner offers a variety of delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You have many options to satisfy your cravings anytime during the day. You can choose from pancakes, omelets, burgers, sandwiches, and desserts.

Also, they give large servings and have low prices, so families and groups like it a lot.

They has grown since it started and now has many locations in the US. There are over 130 locations. Customers can easily find a nearby outlet to enjoy their favorite dishes.

They have a lot of food choices. People really like their Bear’s Benedicts, chicken-fried steak, and homemade pies.

Black Bear Diner Menu Prices list of all items

New! Breakfast For Dinner

New York Steak & Eggs$15.99
Smoked Beef Brisket Benedict$12.99
Chicken & Waffle & Eggs$12.99
Smoked Beef Brisket & Eggs$13.99
Pork Chops & Eggs$12.99
Chopped Steak & Eggs$11.99

Seasonal Specials

Pumpkin Pancakes3 Cakes$8.49
Pumpkin Pancakes2 Cakes$7.49
Slice of Pumpkin Pie$7.49

Hungry Bear Breakfasts

The Grizz$13.49
Bigfoot Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs$13.49

Classic 2-Egg Combos

Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs$11.49
Mild Italian Patty Sausage & Eggs$9.99
Hot Italian Patty Sausage & Eggs$9.99
Portuguese Linguica Sausage & Eggs$10.49
Chicken Apple Sausage & Eggs$10.49
Link Sausage & Eggs$9.69
New York Steak & Eggs$14.99
Sirloin Steak & Eggs$11.99
Hickory Smoked Ham & Eggs$10.49
Thick-Cut Smoked Bacon & Eggs$9.69
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs$10.69
No Meat, just the eggs please!$8.29

Omelettes & Scrambles

Bruce’s Meat Lover’s Omelette$11.69
Joe’s Hobo Omelette$11.69
California Omelette$11.69
Denver Omelette$11.29
Vegetarian Omelette$11.29
Southern Scramble$10.49
Shasta Scramble$9.99

Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast

Bear Claw French Toast$9.99

South Of The Cave Breakfasts

Chorizo Breakfast Tacos$10.49

Bear’s Benedicts

California Bacon Benedict$11.49
Classic Eggs Benedict$11.49

Specialty Breakfasts

Avocado Toast$11.49

Little Less Breakfasts

The Mini Volcano$8.99
Biscuit & Country GravyOne$7.49
Ham & Cheese Omelette$8.49
1 Egg Breakfast$7.99

Fit & Focused Breakfasts

Fit & Focused Chicken Apple Sausage Scramble$10.49
Fit & Focused Veggie Hash$9.99

Breakfast Extras

Housemade Bear Claw, Classic$5.99
Biscuits & Gravy$4.99
Hot Oatmeal$5.99
Fruit Bowl$5.29
Thick-Cut Smoked Bacon$4.49
Hickory Smoked Ham Steak$4.69
Strip-Cut Hash Browns$3.99
Country Red Potatoes$3.99
English Muffin$2.39
Side of Loaded Potato$1.00

Burgers And Baskets

Bob’s Big Bear Burger$12.69
California Burger$10.99
Bacon & Cheddar Burger$10.99
Western BBQ Burger$10.99
Parmesan Sourdough Cheeseburger$10.99
Beyond Burger$12.99
Classic Burger Basket$8.49
Classic American Cheeseburger Basket$8.99
Bacon Cheeseburger Basket$9.49
Chicken Strips Basket$8.99

Signature Sandwiches

BBQ Brisket Sandwich$10.99

Super Salads

Crispy Chicken Cobb Salad$10.99

Little Less Lunches

Soup & Salad Combo$7.99
½ Sandwich & Bowl of Soup$7.99

Fit & Focused Lunches

Fit & Focused Tuna Chef Salad$10.99
Fit & Focused Lettuce-Wrapped Burger$8.99

Homestyle Dinners

Wild Alaska Pesto Salmon$14.99

Carving Station Dinners (After 4 p.m.)

Santa Maria Tri-Tip Dinner$13.99
Smoked Beef Brisket$13.99
Roasted Turkey$12.99

Full-Course Dinners (After 4 p.m.)

Little Less Santa Maria Tri-Tip$12.99


Sirloin Steak$13.99

Dinner Deals

Fish & Chips$11.99
Hot Turkey Plate$11.99
Grilled Chicken & Pesto Pasta$10.99

Fit & Focused Dinner

Fit & Focused Blackened Salmon$12.99

Cub Breakfasts

Cubs’ Mini Volcano$5.49
Cubs’ Chocolate Chip Pancakes$4.69
Cubs’ Scrambler$4.99
Cubs’ Bear Choice$5.99
Cubs’ Strawberry French Toast$4.39

Cub Lunches & Dinners

Cubs’ Chicken Strips2 pcs$4.99
Cubs’ Biscuit Bear’s Best Burger5oz$5.49
Cubs’ Granny Bear’s Mini Corn Dogs6 pcs$4.69
Cubs’ Grilled Cheese Sandwich$4.49
Cubs’ Brandi’s Favorite Macaroni & Cheese$4.99
Cubs’ Papa Bear’s Cheese Pizza$4.99
Cubs’ Penne Pasta$5.49


Creamy Vanilla Cold Brew$3.99
Cold Brew Coffee$2.99
Fresh Squeezed Orange JuiceLarge$4.99
Fresh Squeezed Orange JuiceSmall$3.49
Apple Juice$2.99
Cranberry Juice$2.99
Arnold Palmer$2.99
Soft Drink$2.69
Iced Tea$2.69
Sweet Tea$2.69
Hot Tea$2.59
Hot Chocolate$2.69
Malted Milkshake$4.99
Kids’ Milk$1.89
Kids’ Chocolate Milk$1.89
Kids’ Apple Juice$1.89
Kids’ Lemonade$1.89
Kids’ Soft Drink$2.69


Malted Milkshake$4.99
Grandma’s Favorite Blackberry Cobbler$4.99
Cherry Cobbler$4.99
Apple Cobbler$4.99
Chocolate Cream Pie$5.99
Banana Cream Pie$5.99
Coconut Cream Pie$5.99
Olga’s Bread Pudding$5.99
Sugar Bear’s Lava Cake$5.99
Triple Chocolate Brownie Sundae$5.99
Hot Fudge Sundae$4.99

How to Order Online From the Outlet?

Ordering online Diner is a convenient and simple process. To begin, customers can easily place their orders through the Play Store app.

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To make ordering easier, Black Bear Diner has an app for Android and iOS devices. With it, users can access the menu, choose items, customize their order, and pick a time for pickup. The app provides a user-friendly interface and ensures a seamless ordering experience.

They allow you to order food online using different ways, not just the app. Customers have options to order food through apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates. They can choose either delivery or pickup. These services have many delivery drivers, so you can order food from Black Bear Diner and get it at home easily.

They have a website where you can place orders online if you want to order directly from them. Visiting the restaurant website lets customers see the menu and choose what they want.

Find the Nearest Outlet From Your Location

To order food from Black Bear Diner’s website, follow these steps to find the nearest location in the US:

1. Go to to visit the official website.

2. Once you’re on the website’s homepage, locate the “Locations” or “Find a Diner” tab. It is usually found in the top menu or as a separate option on the website.

3. If you click on “Locations” or “Find a Diner,” you will go to a page. There, you can find Black Bear Diner places close to where you are.

4. On the “Locations” page, you may be prompted to allow the website to access your current location. Grant permission if you wish to find the nearest outlets based on your location. You can also type in your ZIP code, city, or state in the search bar if you prefer.

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5. After entering your location information, click on the “Search” or “Find” button. The website will display a list of Black Bear Diner outlets in or near your specified area.

6. Review the list of outlets and select the one that is closest to your location.

7. Once you have selected the desired outlet, click on it to access its specific page. You can get the outlet’s contact information, address, and operating hours here.

8. To place your order, look for an “Order Online” or “Order Now” button on the outlet’s page. Click this button to go to the online order page. There, you can look at the menu, choose what you want, customize your order and pay.

9. To complete your order online, follow the instructions. You’ll need to provide your contact and payment details.

You can quickly find the closest Black Bear Diner in the US and order food online using these steps.

Outlet Operational Hours

Their opening hours might differ depending on the location. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can enjoy their yummy food anytime.

They usually open at 6 or 7 AM to serve their filling breakfast choices. The breakfast hours usually extend until late morning or early afternoon. The diner serves lunch and dinner after breakfast and closes late. The restaurant closes at 9 or 10 PM, so you can eat a good dinner before the day ends.

Their locations may have different hours on holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day. It’s important to check before you visit. Sometimes, the restaurant isn’t open because the staff needs time with their families. When it’s open, the restaurant may have fewer hours. To avoid problems, check the store’s holiday hours on their website or ask them directly.

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Black Bear Diner is open all day, so you can enjoy your favorite comfort food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast Menu and Timing

Black Bear Diner has a yummy breakfast menu to start your day on a tasty note. Their breakfast menu has many American classics and their own special dishes.

At this restaurant, you can enjoy classic breakfast items such as pancakes, bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Black Bear Diner has several options for those who want a bigger meal.

You can choose chicken-fried steak and eggs, country-fried chicken benedict, or a lumberjack breakfast with eggs, bacon or sausage, and pancakes. Their menu has omelets with vegetables, cheese, and meats to please everyone’s taste.

Black Bear Diner serves breakfast in the morning, until early afternoon. Breakfast hours may vary by location but typically start around 6 or 7 AM and end by 10 or 11 AM.

Customers have enough time to enjoy breakfast before lunch. Black Bear Diner has a breakfast menu for everyone, whether you like to wake up early or sleep in. It’s a good way to start your day.

Deal and Coupons

Black Bear Diner gives special deals, coupons, and promotions sometimes. This helps customers save money when they eat there. The diner aims to make customers happy by offering tempting deals. These offers may vary by location and time.

Black Bear Diner offers breakfast specials at specific times or days of the week. We often have special deals on breakfast foods and meals. This can include lower prices for popular items or combos. It’s a good way to enjoy a big breakfast without spending too much money.

Customers can visit Black Bear Diner’s website or sign up for their newsletter to get the latest deals and coupons. Customers can get promotions, discounts, and event updates by signing up for the newsletter. These updates come to their email inbox regularly.

Black Bear Diner cares about your satisfaction and wants you to enjoy your meal. Black Bear Diner is famous for providing delicious meals quickly and with friendly service. Although they do not offer a guarantee like Domino’s 30-minute pizza delivery, they always serve generous portions.

Cost of the Franchise for the Outlet

Becoming a Black Bear Diner franchisee is a detailed process. They check if you meet the requirements and have the resources to run their outlet well. Acquiring a Black Bear Diner franchise involves costs and investments. Here is a breakdown of them.

1. The franchise fee for opening a Black Bear Diner is usually $50,000. When you pay this fee, you can run a Black Bear Diner using their name and get help and resources from the company.

2. Opening a Black Bear Diner franchise needs an investment of $1.9 million to $4 million. This investment involves different costs, like upgrading the rented space, buying furniture and appliances, getting kitchen equipment, putting up signs, paying initial expenses, stocking up, and having money to run the business. Explanation

3. As a franchisee, you have to pay ongoing royalty fees when you make sales. These fees are usually a percentage of your earnings. Also, you might have to pay for ads that help sell products in your area or across the country.

4. Potential franchisees need enough money, management skills, and love for the food industry. These are important factors to consider. Black Bear Diner might think about where the franchisee wants to be, if there is a good market, and if they are a good match to work together.

Acquiring a Black Bear Diner franchise has different costs and requirements. It’s best to talk to the franchisor for more info and to start the application process.


Q1: Where is Black Bear Diner headquarters?

A1: Redding, California.

Q2: Where did Black Bear Diner originate?

A2: Mount Shasta, California.

Q3: How many Black Bear restaurants are in Texas?

A3: The number of Black Bear Diner restaurants in Texas is not specified.

Q4: How many Black Bear Diner locations are there?

A4: The exact number of Black Bear Diner locations is not specified.

Q5: Who is Black Bear Diner owned by?

A5: Black Bear Diner is privately owned.

Q6: Is Black Bear Diner a chain or franchise?

A6: Black Bear Diner is a chain of restaurants.

Q7: What is the oldest diner in America?

A7: The oldest diner in America is debated, but one contender is White Castle, established in 1921.

Q8: Who owns Cracker Barrel?

A8: Cracker Barrel is a publicly traded company owned by its shareholders.

Q9: Who is the CEO of the Black Bear brand?

A9: The CEO of Black Bear Diner is Bruce Dean.

Q10: Who is Bruce Dean?

A10: Bruce Dean is the CEO of Black Bear Diner.

Q11: What restaurant did the bear work in?

A11: The question seems to refer to a fictional scenario, and there is no specific restaurant mentioned.

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