Buca Di Beppo Menu Prices & Outlet Timings {Updated 2023}

Buca di Beppo is a popular Italian-American restaurant chain known for its hearty Italian dishes. They serve the food family-style. The restaurant started in 1993. It serves Italian food and provides a fun dining experience for customers.

Buca di Beppo Menu Prices have been sourced from the official website. However, the food prices of the outlet might differ slightly depending on the outlet’s location.

The restaurant is famous because it uses real flavors and serves big portions. They are famous for their classic and delicious Italian food. They use really good ingredients to show how great Italian cuisine is.   The restaurant always serves yummy food that you won’t forget. They have tasty pasta, pizza, and seafood options.

They have grown and now have many locations all over the United States. The restaurant grew and expanded to many cities, so lots of people can enjoy their food.

Buca di Beppo has many different types of food on its menu to fit anyone’s taste preferences. Italian comfort food favorites include Spaghetti with Meatballs, Chicken Parmigiana, and Lasagna – all classic dishes that guests love.    Their pizzas are delicious, especially the Margherita and Pepperoni. High school students love them! They are popular because they serve tasty food, give you lots of it, and have a friendly atmosphere.

Buca di Beppo Menu Prices of all items

Salads Menu

Apple GorgonzolaSmall Feeds 3$21.00
Apple GorgonzolaLarge Feeds 5$30.00
CaesarSmall Feeds 3$18.00
CaesarLarge Feeds 5$25.00
Mixed greenSmall Feeds 3$18.00
Mixed greenLarge Feeds 5$25.00
Chopped AntipastiSmall Feeds 3$21.00
Chopped AntipastiLarge Feeds 5$30.00
Chef’s Featured SoupCup Soup$5.00
Chef’s Featured SoupBowl Soup$7.00

Appetizers Menu

Mozzarella CapreseSmall Feeds 3$21.00
Mozzarella CapreseLarge Feeds 5$25.00
Fried CalamariSmall Feeds 3$18.00
Fried CalamariLarge Feeds 5$25.00
Fried MozzarellaSmall Feeds 3$18.00
Fried MozzarellaLarge Feeds 5$25.00
World Famous Meatball$20.00
Spicy ShrimpSmall Feeds 3$21.00
Spicy ShrimpLarge Feeds 5$30.00
Fried Mac ‘N CheeseSmall Feeds 3$18.00
Fried Mac ‘N CheeseLarge Feeds 5$20.00
Spinach Artichoke Dip$20.00
Garlic BreadSmall Feeds 3$9.00
Garlic BreadLarge Feeds 5$15.00
Mozzarella Garlic BreadSmall Feeds 3$12.00
Mozzarella Garlic BreadLarge Feeds 5$20.00
Bruschetta Rustica Pizzette$12.99
Meatball Ricotta Pizzette$14.99
Italian Deluxe Pizzette$13.99
Sausage Bianca Pizzette$13.99

Entrees Menu

Chicken ParmigianaSmall Feeds 3$27.00
Chicken ParmigianaLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Chicken LimoneSmall Feeds 3$27.00
Chicken LimoneLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Chicken MarsalaSmall Feeds 3$30.00
Chicken MarsalaLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Prosciutto Stuffed ChickenSmall Feeds 3$30.00
Prosciutto Stuffed ChickenLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Chicken SaltimboccaSmall Feeds 3$30.00
Chicken SaltimboccaLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Eggplant ParmigianaSmall Feeds 3$24.00
Eggplant ParmigianaLarge Feeds 5$35.00
Salmon SorrentoSmall Feeds 3$30.00
Salmon SorrentoLarge Feeds 5$45.00

Pastas Menu

Spicy Chicken RigatoniSmall Feeds 3$27.00
Spicy Chicken RigatoniLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Penne San RemoSmall Feeds 3$27.00
Penne San RemoLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Shrimp FlorentineSmall Feeds 3$30.00
Shrimp FlorentineLarge Feeds 5$45.00
Shrimp Fra DiavoloSmall Feeds 3$30.00
Shrimp Fra DiavoloLarge Feeds 5$45.00
Chicken CarbonaraSmall Feeds 3$27.00
Chicken CarbonaraLarge Feeds 5$40.00
LasagnaSmall Feeds 3$27.00
LasagnaLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Baked RigatoniSmall Feeds 3$24.00
Baked RigatoniLarge Feeds 5$35.00
Cheese ManicottiSmall Feeds 3$21.00
Cheese ManicottiLarge Feeds 5$35.00
Stuffed ShellsSmall Feeds 3$24.00
Stuffed ShellsLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Ravioli With Meat SauceSmall Feeds 3$24.00
Ravioli With Meat SauceLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Ravioli Al PomodoroSmall Feeds 3$21.00
Ravioli Al PomodoroLarge Feeds 5$35.00
Spaghetti with MeatballsSmall Feeds 3$27.00
Spaghetti with MeatballsLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Penne alla VodkaSmall Feeds 3$24.00
Penne alla VodkaLarge Feeds 5$35.00
Spaghetti with Meat SauceSmall Feeds 3$27.00
Spaghetti with Meat SauceLarge Feeds 5$35.00
Fettuccine AlfredoSmall Feeds 3$24.00
Fettuccine AlfredoLarge Feeds 5$35.00
Spaghetti MarinaraSmall Feeds 3$21.00
Spaghetti MarinaraLarge Feeds 5$35.00
Baked ZitiSmall Feeds 3$24.00
Baked ZitiLarge Feeds 5$35.00
Macaroni & CheeseSmall Feeds 3$21.00
Macaroni & CheeseLarge Feeds 5$35.00
Pappardelle SugoSmall Feeds 3$27.00
Pappardelle SugoLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Tortellini BiancaSmall Feeds 3$27.00
Tortellini BiancaLarge Feeds 5$40.00
Short Rib OrecchietteSmall Feeds 3$27.00
Short Rib OrecchietteSmall Feeds 5$45.00
Bucatini AmatricianaSmall Feeds 3$27.00
Bucatini AmatricianaLarge Feeds 5$40.00

Pizzas Menu

PepperoniSmall Feeds 3$21.00
PepperoniSmall Feeds 5$30.00
MargheritaSmall Feeds 3$18.00
MargheritaSmall Feeds 5$25.00
Pizza con FormaggioSmall Feeds 3$18.00
Pizza con FormaggioSmall Feeds 5$25.00
VeggieSmall Feeds 3$21.00
VeggieSmall Feeds 5$30.00
Supremo ItalianoSmall Feeds 3$21.00
Supremo ItalianoSmall Feeds 5$30.00
BiancaSmall Feeds 3$18.00
BiancaSmall Feeds 5$25.00
Spicy ArrabbiataSmall Feeds 3$21.00
Spicy ArrabbiataSmall Feeds 5$30.00
Italian Sausage & ArugulaSmall Feeds 3$21.00
Italian Sausage & ArugulaSmall Feeds 5$30.00

Sides Menu

Italian Sausage$12.00
Sausage & Peppers$12.00
Meatball (1)$8.00
Meatball (3)$18.00
Green Beans$12.00
Italian Broccoli Romano$12.00
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes$12.00
Brussels Sprouts & Prosciutto$12.00
Baby Portobello Mushroom Risotto$15.00

Desserts Menu

Double Dark Chocolate Cake$15.00
Chocolate Chip Cannoli$12.00
Homemade Cheesecake$12.00
Italian Creme Cake$15.00

Lunch Menu

Apple Gorgonzola Salad$14.00
Apple Gorgonzola SaladAdd Chicken$4.00
Apple Gorgonzola SaladAdd Shrimp$6.00
Caesar Salad$13.00
Caesar SaladAdd Chicken$4.00
Caesar SaladAdd Shrimp$6.00
Mixed Green Salad$13.00
Mixed Green SaladAdd Chicken$4.00
Mixed Green SaladAdd Shrimp$6.00
Chicken Parmigiana$16.00
Chicken Limone$16.00
Eggplant Parmigiana$15.00
Baked Ziti$13.00
Spicy Chicken Rigatoni$14.00
Shrimp Fra Diavolo$17.00
Spaghetti Marinara$11.00
Spaghetti with Meatball$15.00
Italian Chicken BLT$10.00
The Mona Lisa$10.00
Pesto Chicken Sandwich$11.00
Meatball Sub$11.00
Meatball Smash$11.00
Italian Flatbread$10.00
Salad & Pasta$12.00

Kids Menu

Macaroni & Cheese$6.49
Fettuccine Alfredo$6.49
Pepperoni Pizza$6.49
Spaghetti & Meatball$6.49
Cheese Pizza$6.49
Chicken Parmigiana$6.49

How to Order Online From the Outlet?

You can order online. There are different options to make it easy for you. Buca di Beppo works with other delivery platforms.

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They don’t just have their own app. Customers can order through popular platforms like Grubhub, Uber Eats, Postmates, and DoorDash. These platforms let you order from Buca di Beppo and have it delivered to your home.  Users can use these platforms to search for Buca di Beppo, check the menu, and order food for delivery.

Customers can order from Buca di Beppo’s website, app, or other platforms. You can go to bucadibeppo.com to pick the location you want, see the menu, and order food online. The website is easy to use. You can order and choose pickup or delivery options. Everything you need to know is there.

Buca di Beppo has different ways to order online. This is to make customers happy and to make the process easy.

Find the Nearest Outlet From Your Location

You can use the official website to order food from Buca di Beppo. Follow these steps to find the nearest location in the US:

1. Visit the official Buca di Beppo website at www.bucadibeppo.com.

2. On the homepage, you will find a “Locations” tab or a similar option. Click on it to access the restaurant locator.

3. The website will prompt you to enter your location details. You can put in your address or let the website find where you are.

4. After entering your location, click on the search or submit button to proceed.

5. The website finds Buca di Beppo restaurants near you when you enter your location or it detects it.   The list shows addresses and contact info for outlets near you. You can pick the closest one.  

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6. If you pick the closest store, there is usually an “Order Online” button next to its information.   Click on this button to proceed with the online ordering process.

7. The website sends you to the online store. There you can view the menu and pick what you want to eat. You can make changes to your order and choose if you want to pick it up or have it delivered. 

8. To finish your order, visit the website and follow the instructions. Enter your contact information and payment details. Include any preferences or instructions.

9. Once your order is successfully placed, you will receive confirmation and an estimated pickup or delivery time.

You can find the closest Buca di Beppo spot and order food online using their website. Just follow these steps.

Outlet Operational Hours

Buca di Beppo outlets are open at different times, depending on the location and day of the week. Buca di Beppo normally serves customers on a regular schedule every week.

On weekdays, such as Monday to Thursday, most of their outlets operate from around 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. These hours may vary slightly, with some locations opening a bit earlier or closing a bit later. It’s best to check the opening hours of the nearest Buca di Beppo by visiting their website or calling them.

Buca di Beppo restaurants stay open later on the weekends, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, so people can enjoy a delicious meal.   The restaurant usually opens around 11:00 AM. Depending on where it is, it could stay open until around 11:00 PM or later.

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Buca di Beppo changes its hours during holidays to match customer demand. The restaurant is often open longer on holidays like Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day. Buca di Beppo may have different hours on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Check the outlet or website for accurate hours on holidays and special occasions.

Breakfast Menu and Timing

They serve lunch and dinner currently and do not serve breakfast. The restaurant serves Italian-American food. You can enjoy pasta, pizza, appetizers, and desserts for lunch and dinner. Buca di Beppo’s menu is made for lunch and dinner. It satisfies most people’s food preferences.

The restaurant is open from late morning to evening. You can’t get breakfast foods like eggs, omelets, or breakfast sandwiches at this time. Buca di Beppo locations may have special breakfast or brunch menus on certain occasions or holidays. These limited-time offerings may feature breakfast-inspired dishes or unique brunch combinations.

For the best and latest info on special breakfast or brunch choices at Buca di Beppo near you, visit their website or call them directly. They can tell you about temporary breakfast options and when you can get them.

Deal and Coupons

They often have deals and coupons to give customers savings on dining. Buca di Beppo has different deals depending on where and when you go. To find out what’s available, check the official website or ask at the restaurant.

They have a Family Meal Deal that gives you a full meal for your family at a discounted price. This offer usually has appetizers, salads, pasta, and desserts. It’s great for groups or families who want a tasty meal. 

They sometimes have coupons or codes that give discounts on menu items or the whole bill. The restaurant might have coupons on its website, email, or other coupon sites.

To know about new deals and coupons, sign up for Buca di Beppo eClub or follow the restaurant on social media. These channels offer special deals on food and drinks that are only available for a short time. You can get discounts and enjoy your meal even more.

Cost of the Franchise for the Outlet

Becoming a Buca di Beppo franchisee is a thorough process. You need to meet certain criteria and complete several steps. Starting a Buca di Beppo franchise involves certain steps and expenses. Here’s a basic overview, though details and costs might differ.  

1. To own a franchise, you should know how to run a restaurant and have enough money to invest. Previous experience in the food service industry is typically preferred.

2. To start a franchise, apply to their team and wait for a review. The brand will check the application and decide if the person is a good fit based on their qualifications.

3. If you pass the first review, you’ll get the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).   This document tells you all you need to know about owning a franchise. It includes the costs, investment requirements, and other essential details.

4. Opening a Buca di Beppo franchise costs a lot of money, from a few hundred thousand to over a million dollars. Starting a franchise can cost a lot of money. You’ll need to pay for things like franchise fees, real estate, construction costs, equipment, and other expenses. Franchisees should also consider ongoing royalty fees and marketing expenses.

5. Franchisees who get approved will have training and support from Buca di Beppo. The training program is clear and thorough. This program teaches how to run a restaurant. It covers cooking, serving customers, marketing, and office work. Ongoing support is also provided to help franchisees successfully operate their restaurants.

Note that costs and investment requirements for owning a Buca di Beppo franchise may vary. Factors like location, restaurant size, and the local market can impact these expenses. If you want to open a franchise, make sure you read the Franchise Disclosure Document carefully. Also, consult with the Buca di Beppo franchise team to get accurate information about costs and investments.


Q1: What does Buca di Beppo mean in English?

A1: “The cellar of Joe.”

Q2: What company owns Buca di Beppo?

A2: Earl Enterprises.

Q3: How long has Buca di Beppo been around?

A3: Since 1993.

Q4: Who opened Buca di Beppo?

A4: Phil Roberts and Tad Runge.

Q5: What does Beppo mean?

A5: “Joseph” or “Joe.”

Q6: What is the meaning of Buca di Bacco?

A6: “The cellar of Bacchus” or “The wine cellar.”

Q7: What is Italian slang for the big mouth?

A7: “Bocca grande.”

Q8: What does pasta la basta mean?

A8: “Enough with the pasta” or “No more pasta.”

Q9: What does Buka mean in Italian?

A9: “Open” or “to open.”

Q10: How many Buca di Beppo’s are there in the United States?

A10: The exact number may vary, but there are over 50 Buca di Beppo locations in the United States.

Q11: Who is the pope at Buca di Beppo?

A11: There is no specific “pope” at Buca di Beppo. It might refer to a person dressed as the pope during certain promotions or events.

Q12: Where is Buca di Beppo headquarters?

A12: Buca di Beppo’s headquarters is in Orlando, Florida, United States.

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