Buffalo Wild Wings Menu Prices & Outlet Timings {Updated 2023}

Buffalo Wild Wings has been tantalizing taste buds and satisfying cravings since its 1982 launch in Columbus, Ohio. With its enticing menu and lively atmosphere, it has become a go-to destination for families and friends alike.

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu Prices have been sourced from the official website. However, the food prices of the outlet might differ slightly depending on the outlet’s location.

The popularity of Buffalo Wild Wings can be attributed to its extensive menu and an unparalleled dining experience. As of now, the chain has expanded its presence across the United States and beyond, boasting a network of 1,279 locations. 

Among the many delectable offerings, the favorite food that people often order is their signature chicken wings. Their wings come in a variety of flavors and heat levels, ensuring a delightful experience for every palate.

Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Buffalo Wild Wings. Discover the perfect blend of sports, camaraderie, and scrumptious food, all in one place.

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu Prices list of all items

Wings and Tender Menu

ItemsServing SizePrice
Traditional WingsSnack$6.91
Traditional WingsSmall$11.19
Traditional WingsMedium$16.28
Traditional WingsLarge$20.36
Boneless WingsSnack$6.91
Boneless WingsSmall$11.19
Boneless WingsMedium$16.28
Boneless WingsLarge$20.36
Traditional and Boneless Combo$16.28
Naked Tenders4-piece$9.15
Naked Tenders6-piece$10.68
Cripsy Tenders4-piece$9.15
Cripsy Tenders6-piece$10.68

Cheeseburger, Wraps & Sandwiches Menu

All American Cheeseburger$11.50
Cheese Curd Bacon Burger$11.19
Buffalo Bleu Burger$10.17
Southwestern Black Bean Burger$9.97
Southwest Philly Cheesesteak$10.99
Bayou Po’boy$8.95
BBQ Chicken Sandwich$9.97
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich$9.97
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap$9.46
Pepperjack Steak Wrap$10.17
Classic Chicken Wrap$9.15
Grilled Chicken Buffalito$9.15

Bar Food Menu

Ultimate Nachos$8.95
Chips and Salsa$4.57
House Sampler$14.04
Mozzarella Sticks$7.42
Hatch Chilli Con Queso$7.63
Mini Corn Dogs$6.61
Fried Pickles$7.12
French Fries$5.39
Potato Wedges$5.90
Buffalo Chips$5.90
Beer Battered Onion Rings$8.14
Big Twist Pretzel$8.65
Cheddar Cheese Curds$9.66
Crispy Jumbo Shrimp$10.68
Street Tacos$5.59
Chicken Quesadilla$8.44
Buffalo Mac and Cheese$10.48

Kids Menu

Traditional Wings$5.49
Traditional Wings$4.88
Chicken Tenders$5.49
Naked Tenders$5.49
Mac and Cheese$4.88
Mini Corn Dogs$4.88

Wings and Tender Menu

French Fries$3.55
Beer Battered Onion Rings$5.49
Mac and Cheese$3.55
Potato Wedges$3.86
Buffalo Chips$3.86
Chips and Salsa$4.57
Cheddar Cheese Curds$5.79
Veggie Slaw$4.06
Carrots and Celery$0.61
Jalepeno Peppers$0.61
Pico de Gallo$0.61
Queso Sauce$0.61
Sour Cream$0.61
Southwestern Ranch$0.61

Sides and Extras Menu

Sweet BBQ$0.61
Salt and Vinegar Seasoning$0.61
Bourbon Honey Mustard$0.61
Lemon Pepper Seasoning$0.61
Parmesean Garlic$0.61
Honey BBQ$0.61
Chipotle BBQ Seasoning$0.61
Spicy Garlic$0.61
Buffalo Seasonings$0.61
Asian Zing$0.61
Desert Heat Seasoning$0.61
Jammin Jalepeno$0.61
Thai Curry$0.61
Caribbean Jerk$0.61
Hot BBQ$0.61
Mango Habanero$0.61

Drinks & Desset Menu

Chocolate Fudge Cake$5.90
Cheesecake Bites$4.57
Loaded Ice Cream$2.33
Fountain Soda$2.84
Red Bull$3.82
Izze Sparkling Juice$2.54
Bottled Water$1.72
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$2.84

How to Order Online From the Outlet?

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience plays a significant role in our dining experiences. Buffalo Wild Wings recognizes this and offers multiple ways for customers to order their favorite dishes online. Here are three convenient methods to place your online order:

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From Google and Play Store App

Buffalo Wild Wings provides a user-friendly app available for download on both Google Play Store and the App Store. Simply search for ‘Buffalo Wild Wings’ and download the official app. Once installed, open the app and select your preferred location. Browse through the menu, customize your order, and add items to your cart. After reviewing your selections, proceed to the checkout page, where you can securely make your payment. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive updates on its preparation and estimated pick-up or delivery time.

Other Platforms

In addition to its dedicated app, Buffalo Wild Wings has expanded its online ordering services to other popular platforms. Check if your favorite delivery apps, such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub, feature Buffalo Wild Wings. Simply open the app, search for Buffalo Wild Wings, and explore their menu. Customize your order, provide delivery or pick-up details, and complete your transaction. These platforms often provide real-time tracking and updates on your order’s progress.

Official Website

For those who prefer to order directly from Buffalo Wild Wings, the official website offers a seamless experience. Visit the Buffalo Wild Wings website and locate the ‘Order Online’. Enter your location to find the nearest participating outlet. Browse through the menu, select your desired items, and customize them to your liking. Once your order is complete, proceed to the checkout page to review your selections and provide your payment information. You will receive updates on its status, including estimated preparation time.

Find the Nearest Outlet From Your Location

If you’re craving the delectable flavors, the official website provides a simple process to help you order your favorites. Follow these steps to find the nearest outlet and place your order:

  • Open your preferred web browser and visit the official Buffalo Wild Wings website. 
  • Choose between pickup and delivery options.
  • Enter your city, state, or ZIP code in the provided field. Ensure that the location settings on your device are enabled to improve accuracy.
  • After entering your location, you will be presented with a list of nearby Buffalo Wild Wings outlets. Choose the one that is most convenient for you. Click on the ‘Order’ button associated with that particular outlet.
  • Once you have selected your desired outlet, you will be directed to the online ordering page. Here, you can browse through the menu options available at the selected outlet. 
  • Select the items you wish to order and customize them according to your preferences. For example, you can choose the flavor of your chicken wings, select the desired quantity, and add any additional toppings or sauces. Take your time to explore the menu and create the perfect meal.
  • After customizing your order, review your selections before proceeding to the checkout page. Ensure that all the items and details are correct. This is also a good time to apply any available promotions or discounts.
  • On the checkout page, you will be prompted to provide your delivery or pick-up details. Enter your address if you have chosen delivery, or select the preferred pick-up time and location if you plan to collect your order from the outlet.
  • Once you have provided the necessary details, proceed to complete your transaction. Buffalo Wild Wings accepts various payment methods. This includes credit/debit cards and online payment platforms. Follow the prompts to finalize your order.
  • After successfully placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation on the website. It will include your order number, estimated preparation time, and any additional instructions.
  • If available, Buffalo Wild Wings may provide a tracking feature on their website. You can use this feature to monitor the progress of your order and get updates on its estimated delivery or pick-up time.
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Enjoy the convenience of delicious food delivered straight to your doorstep, all from the comfort of your home.

Outlet Operational Hours

Buffalo Wild Wings believes in providing customers with flexibility in their dining experience. The operational hours of Buffalo Wild Wings outlets may vary slightly depending on the location and day of the week. On most days, Buffalo Wild Wings outlets open for lunch and continue serving customers throughout the day and into the late evening. The typical operational hours for Buffalo Wild Wings outlets in the United States are as follows:

  • Monday to Sunday: 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM 

Note that these hours are subject to change and may vary depending on the specific location. It is always a good idea to check the operational hours of the outlet nearest to you before visiting.

Buffalo Wild Wings understands that holidays are times when people like to gather, watch sports, and enjoy delicious food. During these occasions, the chain often adjusts its hours to accommodate customer needs. Some of the special holidays when Buffalo Wild Wings may have different operational hours include:

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

It is important to note that special holidays and events may impact the operational hours of Buffalo Wild Wings outlets. To avoid any inconvenience, check the official Buffalo Wild Wings website or contact the specific outlet.

Breakfast Menu and Timing

Buffalo Wild Wings is widely known for its flavorful chicken wings and extensive menu for lunch and dinner. It does not typically offer a dedicated breakfast menu. The restaurant primarily focuses on providing a vibrant dining experience during the later hours of the day. However, the chain does have a range of appetizing salads and a variety of drink options available for those who visit during the morning hours.

For breakfast at Buffalo Wild Wings, you can explore their selection of salads. This includes the popular buffalo wedge salad, chopped cobb salad, and chicken Caesar salad. These refreshing salad options offer a lighter and healthier choice to start your day. You can also find a selection of appetizers on the menu, such as potato wedges, fried pickles, and fries. These appetizers provide a tasty option to kick-start your morning with some delicious bites.

To accompany your breakfast meal, Buffalo Wild Wings offers a range of beverages. You can choose from a selection of drinks like juice, milk, bottled soda, and other refreshing options to complement your meal.

Regarding the timing, Buffalo Wild Wings typically starts serving their regular menu from around 11:00 AM onwards. You can visit during these hours to enjoy the salads, appetizers, and beverages.

Deals and Coupons

Buffalo Wild Wings offers a variety of enticing deals, coupons, and guarantees to enhance your dining experience. Whether you’re craving wings or burgers, here are some special ongoing promotions that you can take advantage of:

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Wing Tuesdays:

Indulge in the Wing Tuesdays promotion, where you can treat yourself to a fantastic deal on traditional wings. Enjoy a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offer with 50% off on traditional wings every Tuesday.

BOGO Thursdays:

Make the most of BOGO Thursdays with the opportunity to score a fantastic deal on boneless wings. You can enjoy a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offer specifically on boneless wings every Thursday.

Bundles Starting at $9.99:

Satisfy your cravings and enjoy great value with Buffalo Wild Wings’ bundles starting at $9.99. These bundles are designed to cater to any appetite, offering a combination of wings and fries at an affordable price.

Wings + Fries Deal:

For those looking to satisfy big cravings, the Wings + Fries Deal is the perfect option. This bundle includes 20 boneless wings, 20 traditional wings, and a side of fries, all for a competitive price of $39.99.

One & $1 Burger Deal:

If you’re in the mood for a delicious burger, you can take advantage of the One & $1 Burger Deal. Simply order any burger from the menu and get six boneless wings for just $1.

Buffalo Wild Wings occasionally introduces limited-time promotions and guarantees. Keep an eye out for special offers during specific periods. For example, from May 8th to June 18th, 2023, you can get a $10 eBonus when you purchase $40 in gift cards online. This offer allows you to gift boldly and receive a bonus eGift card for yourself.

It’s important to note that deals, coupons, and guarantees may be subject to change and may vary by location. Check the official website or contact your local outlet for the most up-to-date information.

Cost of the Franchise for the Outlet

Interested in becoming a part of the Buffalo Wild Wings franchise family and owning your own outlet? It is essential to understand the process, investment, and various other factors. While specific details may vary, here is a general overview of the franchise process:

Visit the official Buffalo Wild Wings website or reach out to their franchise development team to initiate the process. They will inform you about the franchise program, requirements, and available areas.

You will need a minimum $750,000 in liquid cash to open a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise. Investment levels can vary between $1.5 million and $3.5 million. This covers leasehold improvements, equipment, furnishings, inventory, signage, marketing, and working capital. However, it is important to note that this cost may vary depending on factors such as location, market size, and other considerations. 

As a franchisee, you will be responsible for paying ongoing fees and royalties to Buffalo Wild Wings. These include a monthly royalty fee, which is a percentage of your sales. It also includes a national advertising fee to support brand marketing efforts. The exact percentages may vary and should be outlined in the franchise agreement.

Buffalo Wild Wings provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to its franchisees. You will go through an initial training program to learn about the company’s operations, standards, and best practices. They also offer ongoing assistance in areas such as marketing, operations, and technology to help you succeed.

Selecting an appropriate location for your Buffalo Wild Wings outlet is crucial for success. The company may have specific guidelines and criteria for site selection. This includes factors such as demographics, foot traffic, visibility, and accessibility. 

Becoming a franchisee with Buffalo Wild Wings offers the opportunity to be part of a well-established brand. You can benefit from their proven business model. However, consideration of the financial requirements is crucial before deciding to invest.


Q1. Why are Buffalo wings so expensive?

Ans: Buffalo wings can be relatively expensive due to several factors. Quality chicken, specific cuts, and the time-consuming process of frying and saucing the wings lead to their higher cost. Not to mention, the popularity and demand for Buffalo wings also play a role in their pricing.

Q2. What is sold at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Ans: Buffalo Wild Wings offers a diverse menu. This includes a variety of chicken wings with various sauces, burgers, salads, appetizers, and desserts. They also serve a range of beverages, including soft drinks, beer, and cocktails.

Q3. Why are buffalo wings famous?

Ans: Buffalo wings gained fame due to their deliciously tangy and spicy flavor. The combination of crispy fried chicken wings tossed in a flavorful Buffalo sauce has become a beloved American classic. Buffalo wings are usually enjoyed as a snack, appetizer, or main course. You will enjoy them best during sports events and social gatherings.

Q4. Are buffalo wings healthy?

Ans: Buffalo wings, like most fried foods, are not considered the healthiest option. They are typically deep-fried, which adds extra calories and fat. The Buffalo sauce itself is often made with butter, which contributes to the overall calorie and fat content. However, the nutritional value can vary depending on the specific cooking methods and portion sizes.

Q5. Are buffalo wings junk food?

Ans: Buffalo wings can be classified as junk food due to their high calorie, fat, and sodium content. The deep-fried nature of the wings and the richness of the sauce contribute to their classification as a less healthy food choice. Moderation is key when consuming buffalo wings as part of a balanced diet.

Q6. Is buffalo wings a meat?

Ans: Yes, buffalo wings are made from chicken meat. They are typically prepared using chicken wings. These wings consist of two sections: the drumette (the meatier part) and the flat (the smaller, flatter part). The wings are typically deep-fried and then coated in Buffalo sauce before being served.

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