Dairy Queen Menu Prices & Outlet Timings {Updated 2023}

Dairy Queen is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in soft serve ice cream and fast food items. It was founded in 1940 by John Fremont McCullough and his son Alex, and has since grown to over 6,000 locations in the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Dairy Queen menu prices have been sourced from the official website. However, the food prices of the outlet might differ slightly depending on the outlet’s location.

Dairy Queen is popular for a number of reasons. Its soft serve ice cream is one of its most popular items, and is known for its creamy texture and smooth taste. The chain also offers a variety of other frozen treats, such as Blizzards, Dilly Bars, and MooLattés. In addition to its ice cream, Dairy Queen also offers a variety of fast food items, such as burgers, chicken sandwiches, and fries.

Dairy Queen is a popular destination for families and friends. Its casual atmosphere and affordable prices make it a great place to relax and enjoy a meal. The chain is also known for its friendly and efficient service.

Dairy Queen Menu Prices of all items

Blizzard Treats

Blizzard TreatMini$2.89
Blizzard TreatSmall$3.69
Blizzard TreatMedium$4.09
Blizzard TreatLarge$4.69
Blizzard TreatCone$3.89
Add Extra Stuff$0.69

Classic Treats

Peanut Buster Parfait$4.39
Banana Split$4.39
Dipped ConeSmall$2.39
Dipped ConeMedium$2.79
Dipped ConeLarge$3.19
Waffle Cone (Plain)$3.89
Waffle Cone (Chocolate Coated)$3.89



DQ Bakes

Fudge Stuffed Cookie$4.19
Apple Tart$4.39
Triple Chocolate Brownie$4.39

Shakes & Malts




Arctic Rush

Arctic RushSmall$1.69
Arctic RushMedium$1.99
Arctic RushLarge$2.29

Soft Drinks

Soft DrinkSmall$1.79
Soft DrinkMedium$1.99
Soft DrinkLarge$2.19

Orange Julius

Premium Fruit SmoothieSmall$2.99
Premium Fruit SmoothieMedium$3.49
Premium Fruit SmoothieLarge$3.99
Julius OriginalSmall$3.19
Julius OriginalMedium$3.39
Julius OriginalLarge$3.89
Add a Boost (Protein)$0.99
Add a Boost (Fresh Banana)$0.99

DQ Combos

1/4 lb. Bacon Cheese GrillBurger$3.99
1/4 lb. Bacon Cheese GrillBurger – Combo$6.29
1/2 lb. FlameThrower GrillBurger$5.39
1/2 lb. FlameThrower GrillBurger – Combo$7.59
1/4 lb. Mushroom Swiss GrillBurger$3.99
1/4 lb. Mushroom Swiss GrillBurger – Combo$6.19
1/2 lb. Cheese GrillBurger$4.79
1/2 lb. Cheese GrillBurger – Combo$6.99
1/4 lb. Cheese GrillBurger$3.59
1/4 lb. Cheese GrillBurger – Combo$5.79
Original Cheeseburger$2.19
Original Cheeseburger – Combo$4.39
Original Double Cheeseburger$3.19
Original Double Cheeseburger – Combo$5.39
Chili Cheese Dog$2.49
Chili Cheese Dog – Combo$4.69
Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy)$3.89
Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy) – Combo$6.19
Chicken Bacon Ranch$4.89
Chicken Bacon Ranch – Combo$6.99
Chicken Mozzarella$4.89
Chicken Mozzarella – Combo$6.99
Turkey BLT$4.89
Turkey BLT – Combo$6.99
Alaskan Pacific Cod Sandwich (Limited Time)$3.19
Alaskan Pacific Cod Sandwich – Combo (Limited Time)$5.39

Snack Melts

Buffalo Chicken$1.89
Chicken Bacon BBQ$1.89
Chicken Quesadilla$1.89

Chicken Strips

Chicken Strip Basket4 Pc.$5.49
Chicken Strip Basket with Drink4 Pc.$6.49
Chicken Strip Basket6 Pc.$6.89
Chicken Strip Basket with Drink6 Pc.$7.89

$5 Buck Lunch

Deluxe Cheeseburger Lunch$5.00
Chicken Strip Lunch3 Pc.$5.00
Crispy Chicken Wraps Lunch$5.00
KC BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Lunch$5.00

Salads and Sides

Chicken BLT Salad (Crispy or Grilled)$6.19
Chicken Garden Greens Salad (Crispy or Grilled)$6.19
Side Salad$2.19
Chicken Wrap$1.89
Onion RingsRegular$2.49
Onion RingsLarge$2.69
Breaded Mushrooms$2.49
Cheese CurdsRegular$3.29
Cheese CurdsLarge$5.99

Kids’ Meal

Pick Your Meal, Side, Drink & Treat$4.29

Here are some of the most popular items on the Dairy Queen menu:

  • Blizzards: Blizzards are a blended ice cream treat that can be customized with a variety of mix-ins, such as Oreos, M&Ms, and Reese’s Pieces.
  • Dilly Bars: Dilly Bars are a classic soft serve ice cream treat that is served on a stick.
  • MooLattés: MooLattés are a coffee-based frozen treat that is made with soft serve ice cream and espresso.
  • Burgers: They offer a variety of burgers, including the GrillBurger, the Chicken Sandwich, and the Bacon Cheeseburger.
  • Chicken: They also offer a variety of chicken items, including the Chicken Strip Basket, the Chicken Strip Sandwich, and the Chicken Quesadilla.
  • Fries: They offer a variety of fries, including regular fries, curly fries, and sweet potato fries.
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It is a popular fast-food restaurant chain that offers a variety of delicious and affordable food items. Whether you are looking for a sweet treat or a savory meal, they have something for everyone.

How to Order Online From the Outlet?

The steps on how to order online from Dairy Queen:

  1. Google Play Store app: You can order online from Dairy Queen through the Google Play Store app. To do this, first open the Google Play Store app on your Android device. Then, search for “Dairy Queen” and tap on the Dairy Queen app icon. Once the app opens, tap on the “Order Online” button. You will then be able to browse the menu, add items to your cart, and select a pickup location. Once you have completed your order, you will be able to pay for it and schedule a pickup time.
  2. Any other platforms: They also offer online ordering through its website and through third-party food delivery apps such as DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats. To order online through the website, first go to their website. Then, click on the “Order Online” button. You will then be able to browse the menu, add items to your cart, and select a pickup location. Once you have completed your order, you will be able to pay for it and schedule a pickup time. To order online through a third-party food delivery app, first open the app and search for “Dairy Queen.” Once you have found Dairy Queen in the app, you will be able to browse the menu, add items to your cart, and select a pickup location. Once you have completed your order, you will be able to pay for it through the app.
  3. Official website: You can also order online from its official website. To do this, first, go to their website. Then, click on the “Order Online” button. You will then be able to browse the menu, add items to your cart, and select a pickup location. Once you have completed your order, you will be able to pay for it and schedule a pickup time.
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Additional details about ordering online from Dairy Queen:

  • Payment: You can pay for your order online using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.
  • Delivery: They offer delivery through its website and through third-party food delivery apps. Delivery fees vary depending on the location and the time of day.
  • Pickup: They offer pickup through its website and through its app. Pickup times vary depending on the location and the time of day.
  • Promotions: They often offer promotions on their online orders. Be sure to check the website or app for current promotions before you place your order.

Find the Nearest Outlet From Your Location

To find the nearest Dairy Queen outlet from your location in the US and order food through their official website, you can follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Open your web browser and visit the official Dairy Queen website at www.dairyqueen.com.

2. On the homepage, you will find a “Find a DQ” option. Click on it to proceed.

3. A new page will open, prompting you to enter your location. You can either allow the website to access your current location or manually enter your address or ZIP code.

4. After providing your location, click on the “Search” or “Find” button. The website will then display a list of Dairy Queen outlets near your area.

5. Look through the list to find the nearest outlet to your location. It will typically include the outlet’s address, phone number, and opening hours.

6. Once you have identified the nearest outlet, you can click on it to view more details and access the online ordering options.

7. On the outlet’s page, you should find a “Order Now” or “Online Ordering” button. Click on it to proceed with the food ordering process.

8. You will be directed to a new page where you can browse through the menu and select the items you want to order.

9. Customize your order by specifying any preferences or additional toppings if applicable.

10. Once you have added all the desired items to your cart, proceed to the checkout page.

11. Provide the necessary delivery or pickup information and select your preferred payment method.

12. Review your order details and confirm the purchase.

Outlet Operational Hours

The Dairy Queen outlet operational hours:

  • Weekdays: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Weekends: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Holidays: Most of their outlets are open on holidays, but hours may vary. Some holidays that Dairy Queen is typically open on include:
    • New Year’s Day
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    • Valentine’s Day
    • President’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day

Please note that these are just general hours and may vary by location. To confirm the hours of operation for a specific Dairy Queen outlet, you can call the store directly.

Here are some additional details about Dairy Queen’s operational hours:

  • Drive-thru: Most Dairy Queen outlets have a drive-thru that is open during regular business hours.
  • Delivery: Some Dairy Queen outlets offer delivery services. To check if delivery is available in your area, you can call the store directly or visit the website.
  • Online ordering: They also offer online ordering. You can place an order online and pick it up at the store or have it delivered to your home.

Breakfast Menu and Timing

The details about Dairy Queen’s breakfast menu and timing:

Breakfast Menu

They offer a variety of breakfast items, including:

  • Biscuit Sandwiches: These sandwiches are made with a flaky biscuit and your choice of sausage, bacon, or ham. They can be served plain or with cheese.
  • Breakfast Burrito: This burrito is filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage, bacon, or ham, and gravy. It is then wrapped in a tortilla and served with your choice of salsa or hot sauce.
  • Hash Browns: These hash browns are made with shredded potatoes and seasoned with salt and pepper. They can be served plain or with cheese.
  • Omelet: This omelet is made with your choice of three ingredients, including cheese, ham, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, or tomatoes. It is then cooked to your liking.
  • Pancakes: These pancakes are made with buttermilk and are served with your choice of butter, syrup, or fruit.
  • Waffles: These waffles are made with Belgian batter and are served with your choice of butter, syrup, or fruit.
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The breakfast menu is available from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, the breakfast menu is available from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Please note that these are just general hours and may vary by location. To confirm the breakfast hours of operation for a specific outlet, you can call the store directly.

Deal and Coupons

The special ongoing deals, coupons, and guarantees from Dairy Queen:

  • Free Blizzard with purchase of $15 or more: This deal is available every Wednesday and is valid at participating locations. To redeem, simply show the coupon at the register when you make your purchase.
  • 2 for $5 Mix and Match Blizzards: This deal is available every day and is valid at participating locations. To redeem, simply order two Blizzards of different flavors and pay $5.
  • $5 Meal Deals: They offer a variety of $5 Meal Deals that include a burger, fries, and a drink. These deals are available at participating locations.
  • DQ® Rewards: DQ® Rewards is a loyalty program that allows you to earn points for every dollar you spend at Dairy Queen. You can then redeem these points for free food and drinks, as well as other rewards.
  • Birthday Surprise: If you sign up for DQ® Rewards, you will receive a free birthday treat on your birthday.

They also occasionally offer special promotions and coupons. You can find these on the Dairy Queen website or in your local newspaper.

Dairy Queen also offers a satisfaction guarantee on all of its food items. If you are not satisfied with your food, you can simply return it to the store for a full refund.

Cost of the Franchise for the Outlet

The details about the cost of a Dairy Queen franchise:

Initial Franchise Fee: The initial franchise fee for the restaurant is $35,000.

Royalty Fee: They charge a royalty fee of 4% of gross monthly sales.

Marketing Fee: They charge a marketing fee of 5-6% of gross monthly sales.

Investment Range: The total estimated investment for a Dairy Queen franchise ranges from $1,083,525 to $1,850,425. This includes the initial franchise fee, royalty fee, marketing fee, and other costs, such as:

  • Site selection and leasehold improvements: The cost of finding a suitable location and making necessary improvements to the property.
  • Construction: The cost of building a new Dairy Queen restaurant or renovating an existing building.
  • Equipment: The cost of purchasing equipment, such as ovens, refrigerators, and freezers.
  • Inventory: The cost of purchasing food and other supplies.
  • Working capital: The cost of operating the business until it becomes profitable.

Process of Getting a Dairy Queen Franchise:

To get a Dairy Queen franchise, you must first submit an application. They will then review your application and contact you if you are selected to move forward with the process. The next step is to complete a training program. This program will teach you about Dairy Queen’s business practices and operations. Once you have completed the training program, you will be eligible to open your own Dairy Queen restaurant.

Other Factors:

The costs listed above, there are a few other factors that you should consider before opening a franchise. These factors include:

  • Location: The location of your restaurant is important. You should choose a location that is in a high-traffic area and that has easy access for customers.
  • Competition: You should also consider the competition in the area. If there are already several other restaurants in the area, it may be difficult to be successful.
  • Experience: If you do not have any experience in the food service industry, you may want to consider hiring a manager with experience.


Q1: How much is a Oreo Blizzard?

A1: The price of an Oreo Blizzard varies depending on the size and location, but it is typically around $3.50 for a small, $4.50 for a medium, and $5.50 for a large.

Q2: How much is a blizzard at Dairy Queen?

A2: The price of a Blizzard also varies depending on the size and location, but it is typically around $3.50 for a small, $4.50 for a medium, and $5.50 for a large.

Q3: How much is a mini blizzard?

A3: A mini Blizzard is typically around $2.50.

Q4: Who owns Dairy Queen?

A4: Dairy Queen is owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Q5: Why is it called Dairy Queen?

A5: Dairy Queen was founded in 1940 by John Fremont McCullough and his son Alex. The name Dairy Queen was chosen because it was a play on words that evoked images of fresh, creamy dairy products.

Q6: Why is Dairy Queen successful?

A6: Dairy Queen is successful for a number of reasons, including its delicious food, convenient locations, and friendly service. The company has also been successful in marketing its products and building a strong brand identity.

Q7: What is the slogan of Dairy Queen?

A7: The slogan of Dairy Queen is “Blizzards are Thick, They’re Real.”

Q8: Is there coffee ice cream in Dairy Queen?

A8: Yes, Dairy Queen offers a variety of coffee ice cream flavors, including Coffee Heath, Coffee Oreo, and Coffee Caramel Brownie.

Q9: What is the meaning of DQ?

A9: DQ stands for Dairy Queen.

Q10: What is in Dairy Queen ice milk?

A10: Dairy Queen ice milk is made with milk, cream, sugar, and air. It does not contain eggs or any dairy products that contain cholesterol.

Q11: Does Dairy Queen make real ice cream?

A11: Yes, Dairy Queen makes real ice cream. The company uses fresh cream, milk, and sugar to make its ice cream.

Q12: Does Baskin Robbins have ice coffee?

A12: Yes, Baskin Robbins offers a variety of ice coffee flavors, including Mocha Chip, French Vanilla, and Caramel Macchiato.

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