Does Coffee Creamer Go Bad after Expiration Date? (2023)

Coffee is the best beverage to give you a wake-up call. Whether you prefer brewed coffee or iced, coffee creamer can satiate your cravings. It can elevate the taste of ordinary coffee to an extraordinary level.

And if you are a coffee lover, you might have already stocked up on the creamer.

But the question remains – Does coffee creamer go bad?

Yes. Like other condiments like milk or cream, coffee creamer can go bad. Powdered coffee creamers can last up to three months past the expiry date. Liquid creamers, on the other hand, can go bad after 1-2 weeks after opening them. Consuming bad creamer can make your coffee taste horrible and make you ill.

This article will look at all there is to know about coffee creamer. Read further to know more.

How Long Does Coffee Creamer Last?

The best thing about coffee creamers is that they come in assorted forms. A few common forms include non-dairy, dairy, mini-cups, and even powdered and liquid. Some creamers can last for months, while others go bad after a day or two. The bottom line: all creamers go rancid.

Now that you know the creamers go bad, is it wise to stock them up? You can store them if you know how to. Let us read further to know how to store creamers for a long time.

Does Coffee Creamer Go Bad? Shelf-life of Creamers?

As mentioned earlier, a coffee creamer’s life depends on its type. Another factor that affects the shelf life is how you store the creamer.

types of coffee creamers

When unopened, liquid coffee creamer lasts for around a week or two past its expiry date. But, once you open the creamer, it will last 1-2 weeks. Powdered creamer, however, has a longer life and can last for months. Similarly, a mini creamer cup can last up to a month past its expiration date.

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Like liquid creamer, non-dairy ones don’t have long shelf-life either. When unopened, non-dairy coffee creamers can be stored at room temperature. However, once they are opened, they must be refrigerated immediately.

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Tips to Store Coffee Creamer Properly

Different creamers have different storage requirements. Let us discuss the storage method for each type of creamer in detail.

1. Dairy Creamers- Liquid

Dairy creamers in liquid forms come in plastic bottles or tetra packs. As you bring them home, they must be refrigerated to maintain freshness. Refrigerating them is important because they contain milk, cream, sugar, and flavoring. This makes them delicate and requires a stable temperature to maintain their longevity. Once the creamer is opened, you must reseal the pack.

To get your liquid creamer to last longer, keep them away from heat sources. 

2. Mini Creamer Cups

Unopened mini creamer cups can thrive well at room temperature. However, once opened, the creamer cups must be properly refrigerated. While storing the cups at room temperature, keep them from direct sunlight.

3. Non-Dairy Creamers And Whiteners

Non-dairy creamers and whiteners are similar to dairy products. Which means they contain delicate ingredients that can go bad soon. Thus, you must tightly seal the creamer container after every use. Sealing the container will protect it from moisture and prevent it from forming lumps.

If your non-dairy creamer is in powdered form, store them at room temperature. You can also use the kitchen cabinet or pantry to store them. Make sure you reseal the container after every use.

4. Powder Creamers

Unlike liquid creamers, powder creamers are easier to store. You can keep them in the pantry or kitchen cupboard. While storing powdered creamers, make sure they are not exposed to moisture. Also, keep the powdered creamer away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

best creamed coffee for drinking

Risks of Consuming Expired Coffee Creamer

Food items do not go bad as soon as their expiry date arrives. Some retain their quality for months, while others for years! However, coffee creamers do not fall into any of the above categories.

Liquid and dairy creamers can contaminate and spoil very soon. So, if you consume creamers way past the expiry date, you can get seriously sick. It is because you will be consuming infective fungi and bacteria. A common disease to surface due to the consumption of spoiled creamer is food poisoning. The symptoms of food poisoning include diarrhea, cramps, vomiting, and nausea. If the symptoms last for a long time, visit a doctor.

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Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer?

Yes. Freezing coffee creamer is the way to go if you want it to last long. However, once opened, the creamers don’t last for long. And yes, that goes for frozen creamers as well. So, once you defrost the frozen creamers, consume them within 1-3 days.

Have frozen powdered creamer lounged around? Do not thaw the powdered creamer. Instead, you can directly add it to the coffee. The same can be done with liquid creamer. But if you want to thaw the creamer before using it, transfer it to the fridge. Leave the frozen liquid creamer in the fridge overnight to allow the creamer to thaw naturally.

How to Tell if Coffee Creamer is Bad?

Coffee creamer does not go rancid the moment the expiry date arrives. But it does not mean it does not go bad. A bad coffee creamer can make you ill. Therefore, you must know the signs that indicate the quality of your creamer.

1. Check The Creamer’s Taste and Smell

Don’t know whether the creamer has expired or is over its peak? The best way is to taste a spoonful of the creamer. If the creamer tastes sour or gives off a bitter odor, toss it away. If it doesn’t taste right (taste putrid or sour), or gives off a bitter odor, discard it.

2. Have A Look At The Expiry Date

The expiry date printed on the creamer pack speaks volumes about its quality. If your liquid creamer expires, it will only stay flavourful for a couple of days. If you refrigerate the expired creamer, consume it within a week past the date.

Have an open pack of coffee creamer (dairy) in the fridge for 2 weeks or more? Throw it away. It has gone bad and is unsafe for consumption.

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3. Keep An Eye Out For A Change In The Texture

Creams change texture when it goes bad. Powdered creamer becomes moist and can show signs of mold. Mold can appear if the creamer is exposed or left open to moistness. This causes the powdered creamer to form lumps. Throw away the creamer and buy a new one.

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4. Coffee Time- Pour yourself Some Creamy Coffee

The above signs could not help you identify a fresh pack of creamer. Don’t worry. Use the leftover creamer to brew some coffee. If the coffee tastes good, the creamer is safe to use. But, discard it if the brewed coffee does not taste nice or gives off a funny smell.

pouring cream on coffee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you know if coffee creamer is bad?

Ans. Liquid coffee creamers start to form lumps when they go bad. Apart from the texture change, there is also a change in smell. A spoiled creamer gives off a sour and acidic odor. Lastly, spoiled creamer will taste different (sour) than fresh ones.

Q2. Is coffee creamer still good after 2 weeks?

Ans. Depending on your type of creamer, coffee creamer has a different shelf life. It is generally safe to keep opened and unopened liquid dairy creamers in the refrigerator for between one and two weeks.

Q3. What happens if you drink expired creamer?

Ans. Drinking expired coffee creamer will hardly cause any serious side effects. However, consuming moldy and spoiled creamer can cause food poisoning. You may also experience minor digestive issues like diarrhea or vomiting.

Q4. How long does coffee mate creamer last after opening?

Ans. An unopened pack of coffee mate creamer can last for 4-7 days in the refrigerator. The powdered form has a longer shelf life and can last for 3-4 months in the pantry. An open pack of coffee mate creamer must be refrigerated and lasts for 8-12 days.

Q5. What does spoiled creamer look like?

Ans. A spoiled creamer does not have a smooth texture. Instead, it has lumps and looks like milk curdling. Toss away the creamer if it is not smooth and flowy.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how long the creamer last, use it before it goes bad. Also, pay attention to the creamer pack while storing it. Do not leave the creamer open for a long time. Always seal and refrigerate the creamer after every use. And don’t forget to tell us how you enjoy your coffee!

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