Duffy’s Menu With Prices & Outlet Timings {Updated 2023}

Duffy’s is a famous restaurant with yummy food and a cozy atmosphere. The establishment was launched in 1985, marking the beginning of its culinary journey. It has become a popular place to eat since it opened. Many people go there often and are loyal customers.

Duffy’s Menu With Prices have been sourced from the official website. However, the food prices of the outlet might differ slightly depending on the outlet’s location.

The popularity of Duffy’s can be attributed to several factors. The restaurant has a varied menu for different tastes. They have many choices for food. They have burgers, sandwiches, seafood, and steaks. You can find something you like there. The restaurant uses good ingredients and makes every dish with care and attention.

They have grown and now have many locations. The restaurant has opened in 50 places and more, serving tasty food. People love it, and every new location gets a good reputation.  

They have a special menu item that many customers love. It’s a standout favorite dish. The “Duffy’s Signature Burger” is loved by many customers. It tastes great and looks amazing too. The Signature Burger is a favorite for many people. It starts with a juicy beef patty that’s cooked just right. On top of the burger, there’s melted cheese and crispy bacon. Then, they add fresh lettuce and a slice of tomato. Their menu has more than burgers. They have yummy seafood like lobster bisque and shrimp scampi. They also have fresh salads with lots of tasty ingredients.

Duffy’s Menu With Prices of all items

Salads Menu

Buffalo Style Salad (Shrimp)$13.99
Buffalo Style Salad (Chicken)$12.99
Tex-Mex Salad (Tex-Mex Taco Salad)$13.99
Tex-Mex Salad (Citrus-chili Grilled Sirloin Steak)$15.99
Tex-Mex Salad (Sautéed Shrimp)$15.99
Duffy’s Chopped Drafthouse Salad$12.99
Cobb Salad (Sautéed Shrimp)$14.99
Cobb Salad (Chicken)$13.99
Waldorf Salad With Chicken$11.99

Sandwiches Menu

California Chicken Club$11.99
Philadelphia Cheese Steak$11.99
Mahi Mahi$12.99
Classic French Dip$10.99
New York Reuben$10.99
Buffalo Chicken$9.99

Signature Soups Menu

Classic French Onion$5.99
New England Clam ChowderCup$4.99
New England Clam ChowderBowl$5.99
Maine Lobster BisqueCup$5.99
Maine Lobster BisqueBowl$6.99
Beef Chili With BeansCup$5.49
Beef Chili With BeansBowl$6.49

Starters Menu

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail$7.99
Sesame-Crusted Ahi TunaRegular$10.99
Sesame-Crusted Ahi TunaLarge$13.99
Crispy Calamari$9.99
Fried Mushrooms$6.99
Amazing Mozzarella Sticks$7.99
Firecracker Shrimp$9.99
Coconut Shrimp Starter$9.99
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms$10.99
Appetizer Tasting Platter$12.99
The Giant Pretzel$8.99
Loaded Potato Skins$8.99
Duffy’s Famous Smoked Fish Dip$8.99
Housemade Guacamole$8.99
Chili ‘N Cheese Fries$8.99

Grill And Specialties Menu

New York Strip Steak$19.99
Mignon Trio$21.99
Center Cut Top Sirloin$15.99
Center Cut Pork Chips$13.99
Caribbean Jerk Chicken$12.99
Buttermilk Chicken Tenders$11.99

Seafood And Pasta

Beer Battered Fish ‘N Chips$13.99
Jumbo Shrimp Basket$13.99
Coconut Shrimp$14.99
Mahi Mahi$15.99
Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl$14.99
Wild Alaska Salmon$17.99
Jumbo Lumb Crab Cakes$18.99
Shrimp Scampi$14.99
Fettuccine Alfredo (Shrimp)$14.99
Fettuccine Alfredo (Chicken)$12.99

Tex-Mex And Tacos

Mahi Mahi Tacos$11.99
Buffalo Chicken Tacos$10.99
Tex-Mex Egg Rolls$8.99
Chicken Quesadilla$9.99
Chicken Tostado Nachos$10.99

Tender Ribs And Hot Wings

1/2 Rack & Wings Platter$17.99
Bbq Baby Back Rib Platter (Full Rack)$19.99
Bbq Baby Back Rib Platter (Half Rack)$14.99
10 Boneless Wings$10.99
10 Jumbo Wings$12.99
Wings 3 Ways (Boneless)$15.49
Wings 3 Ways (Jumbo Wings)$17.99

Award Winning Burgers

The Knife And Fork Burger$14.99
Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger$12.99
Grilled Turkey Burger$9.99
Sky Box Double Bacon Cheeseburger$13.49
The Impossible Burger$13.49
The Poblano Burger$14.49
Jack’s Blazin’ Bbq CheeseBurger$13.99
The Original Duffy’s Cheeseburger$10.99

Must Do Desserts Menu

Key Lime Pie$5.99
Crunchy Fried Cheesecake$5.99
Chocolate Mint Pie$5.99
Seasonal Mini Donuts$5.99
Chocolate Brownie Sundae$5.99

How to Order Online From the Outlet?

Ordering from online outlets is easy and simple. You can do it on different websites. You can use the Duffy’s app to order online. You need to download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Customers can easily locate and install the app on their smartphones or tablets. The app is easy to use. You can browse the menu, select items, customize your order, and check out. The app also offers features such as order tracking and secure payment options, ensuring a seamless online ordering experience.

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Customers have options besides Duffy’s app to order. Duffy’s could be on delivery apps for easy ordering. These websites/apps have more tools to help users. They have reviews, ratings, and delivery tracking to make ordering easier. 

Alternatively, customers can choose to order directly from the official Duffy’s website. Users can go to the website and easily order food by selecting items from the menu and checking out. The website has an easy-to-use interface. It explains each menu item with pictures, so customers can choose what they want. The website has details on current deals and instructions for online orders. This helps everyone have a smooth and happy experience. 

Find the Nearest Outlet From Your Location

To order from Duffy’s online, follow these steps to find the closest outlet in the US:

1. Visit the Duffy’s official website. Open your preferred web browser and enter “www.duffysmvp.com” in the address bar.

2. Locate the “Locations” tab. Look for the “Locations” tab on the website’s navigation menu. Click on it to access the store locator.

3. Enter your location details. In the store locator section, you’ll find a search bar where you can input your city, state, or ZIP code. Type in your location information and hit the enter key or click on the search button.

4. Browse the nearest outlets. The website will display a list of there locations near your specified area. You can view their addresses, contact information, and distance from your location. Choose the nearest outlet that you prefer.

5. Explore the menu and place your order. After choosing your desired outlet, simply click on it to go to its webpage.   On the outlet’s webpage, you’ll find the menu options. Check the menu, pick what you want, and adjust it the way you like it.  

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6. Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout. As you select your desired items, they will be added to your virtual shopping cart. Check your order in the cart. If you need to change anything, do it now. Then, click the “Checkout” button.  

7. Provide your delivery or pickup details. At checkout, you’ll choose to either give your address for delivery or pick up your order.  Enter the relevant information accurately.

8. Complete the order and make the payment. Follow the instructions on the website to complete your order. You’ll need to give your contact info and choose how to pay. Enter the required details and proceed with the payment process.

After you place the order, we’ll send you an email or notification confirming it. It will also tell you when you can expect your delivery or pickup time.   Enjoy your meal from the nearest Duffy’s outlet!

Outlet Operational Hours

The operational hours of the outlets may vary depending on the location and day of the week. Duffy’s restaurants are open for lunch and dinner, so you can eat there anytime you want. The standard operational hours for Duffy’s outlets are typically as follows: 

From Monday to Thursday, the outlets are open between 11 AM and 11 PM. You can either eat there or order takeout during these hours. 

Duffy’s stays open late on weekends, usually until midnight or beyond. Customers can have their meals and hang out with friends and family until late evening.

On Sundays, they open at around 10:00 AM for brunch or early lunch. The outlets typically close at 11:00 PM.

These timings can change, so check their website or call them to be sure their outlet closest to you is open.

Regarding special holidays, Duffy’s may have adjusted hours or closures on certain days. Duffy’s may have different hours on some holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. It’s a good idea to check with the restaurant or look at their website for any holiday changes or closures. This will help you have a better dining experience. 

Breakfast Menu and Timing

They serve lunch and dinner mostly, but some places may have a few breakfast options. their breakfast varies by location but here’s a general idea of what you might find.

Their breakfast menu has many classic breakfast items to start your day well. You can choose how you want your eggs like scrambled, fried, or in an omelet. You can also have bacon, sausage, pancakes, French toast, or breakfast sandwiches. Additionally, they may offer sides like hash browns, toast, and fresh fruit. Certain places may offer unique breakfast dishes, like breakfast burritos or Benedicts. Duffy’s breakfast has something for everyone to enjoy. They designed the menu to cater to different tastes.

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They serve breakfast at certain times, usually in the morning. You may want to check the restaurant’s website or call them to know when breakfast is served. The breakfast timings can be different in each location. Not all Duffy’s shops serve breakfast because they mainly focus on lunch and dinner.

Deal and Coupons

Duffy’s often has deals, promos, and coupons to make dining better and give more value to customers.  Deals might vary, but here are some examples of offers you may find.

1. They have great happy hour deals. You can get discounted prices on certain food and drinks during specific hours. These happy hour specials often include discounted appetizers, drinks, and sometimes even exclusive menu items. You can relax or hang out with friends after work and find good deals.  

2. They have loyalty programs that give rewards to regular customers. You get exclusive perks and discounts. Customers can earn points with every purchase by joining the loyalty program. These points can be exchanged for discounts, free meals, or other rewards. The loyalty program can give you early promotions, birthday rewards, and special offers just for you.

3. They have special deals for holidays, sports, or events sometimes. These promotions may include limited-time menu items, discounts on specific categories (e.g., appetizers, desserts), or even themed events with special entertainment or activities.

It’s key to know that deals and coupons are different depending on where you are. To stay up-to-date with the latest sales and offers, it’s best to check Duffy’s website or ask your closest store.

Cost of the Franchise for the Outlet

To own Duffy’s franchise, you need to fulfill some requirements and invest money. Here are a few steps to follow and their costs.

1. Application and Qualification: Interested individuals or entities typically start by submitting an application to express their interest in becoming a Duffy’s franchisee. To apply, give details about yourself, your business knowledge, and money. We evaluate applicants in different ways. These include their money situation, experience running things, and how well they fit with Duffy’s values.

2. Franchise Fee: Upon qualification, an initial franchise fee is required. Entering into a franchise agreement with Duffy’s costs a franchise fee. The fee gives you access to their brand, systems, and support. Franchise fees differ, but they are usually tens of thousands of dollars. 

3. Franchisees have to pay for building and setting up the outlet’s physical location. This includes expenses such as leasehold improvements, construction, equipment, furniture, and signage. Building a store can cost a lot. The price changes based on where it is, how big it is, and what the market is like. 

4. Franchisees must buy food and drinks to stock their outlet at first. The initial inventory cost depends on outlet size, menu choices, and expected demand.

5. Franchisees need money to pay for things like employee wages, utilities, marketing, and other costs. This is called working capital and it is important to have enough of it. The working capital amount needed depends on the shop size, market conditions, and expected sales.

The above breakdown only gives a general idea. The actual amount you pay may differ based on a few things.  If you want to open their franchise outlet, do your research and talk to their representatives. They can give you accurate information about the costs and investment required.


Q1: What is a classic cheeseburger slider at Duffy’s?

A1: A mini-sized cheeseburger served at Duffy’s Sports Grill.

Q2: How does Duffy’s MVP card work?

A2: The MVP card at Duffy’s offers rewards and discounts based on points earned through purchases.

Q3: What is the buffalo cauliflower at Duffy’s?

A3: It is a dish made with cauliflower tossed in buffalo sauce, typically served as an appetizer at Duffy’s.

Q4: Where did Duffy’s Sports Grill come from?

A4: Duffy’s Sports Grill originated in Lake Park, Florida.

Q5: What is the difference between a sandwich and a slider?

A5: Sliders are smaller sandwiches, often served in buns or rolls, but generally smaller in size than traditional sandwiches.

Q6: What comes in a classic cheeseburger pack?

A6: The contents of a classic cheeseburger pack at Duffy’s may vary, but it typically includes a cheeseburger and accompanying sides or condiments.

Q7: Who owns Duffy’s in Florida?

A7: Duffy’s Sports Grill is owned by the Duffy family in Florida.

Q8: What are the MVP levels at Duffy’s?

A8: The specific MVP levels at Duffy’s Sports Grill may vary, but they typically represent different tiers of rewards and benefits based on customer loyalty.

Q9: How many Duffy’s restaurants are there in Florida?

A9: Duffy has around 34 restaurants that are spread throughout Florida.

Q10: What is a dirty slider hamburger?

A10: A dirty slider hamburger typically refers to a slider topped with various ingredients such as cheese, bacon, and other savory additions.

Q11: What’s the difference between a slider and a patty?

A11: A slider is a small sandwich served on a mini-sized bun or roll, while a patty refers to the meat portion of a burger or sandwich.

Q12: What is a Royal Cheeseburger?

A12: A Royal cheeseburger at Duffy’s Sports Grill is a burger topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a special sauce.

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