McDonald’s Menu Prices & Outlet Timings {Updated 2023}

McDonald’s was founded in 1940 by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. The menu was initially limited to burgers, fries, and drinks. But has since expanded to include a variety of items such as breakfast sandwiches, salads, wraps, and desserts.

McDonald’s menu price are very affordable for the general public and it is the primary reason for it’s popularity. As of 2021, it has over 40,000 restaurants in more than 119 countries worldwide, and is known for its consistency in food quality and service. One of the most popular items on the menu is the Big Mac. Other favorites such as the Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets, and McDonald’s fries are close seconds.

McDonald’s Menu Prices list of all items

Burgers Menu

ItemsSingle PriceMeal Pirce
Big Mac®$3.99$5.99
Quarter Pounder® with Cheese$3.79$5.79
Double Quarter Pounder® with Cheese$4.79$6.69
Quarter Pounder® with Cheese Deluxe$5.29$8.69
Quarter Pounder® with Cheese bacon$5.99$8.99
Double Cheeseburger$2.59

Meals Menu

Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit Meal$ 6.49
Sausage Egg Biscuit Meal$ 5.79
McChicken Biscuit Meal$ 4.69
Sausage Egg Cheese Biscuit Meal$ 5.99
Egg McMuffin Meal$ 6.49
Sausage Egg McMuffin Meal$ 5.69
Sausage McMuffin Meal$ 5.09
Bacon Egg Cheese McGriddle Meal$ 6.29
Sausage Egg Cheese McGriddle Meal$ 5.79
Chicken McGriddle Meal$ 5.49
2 Sausage Burrito Meal$ 5.59
Bacon Egg Cheese Bagel Meal$ 5.39
Egg Biscuit Meal$ 3.89
Sausage Egg Cheese Bagel Meal$ 6.19
Egg Cheese Biscuit Meal$ 4.19
Steak Egg Cheese Bagel Meal$ 6.39

Burgers Menu

Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder With Cheese$ 10.49
Double Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder With Cheese$ 12.39
Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal$ 7.99
Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal$ 7.99
Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal$ 8.79
Spicy Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal$ 8.99
Big Mac Meal$ 8.99
Quarter Pounder With Cheese Meal$ 8.59
Double Bacon Quarter Pounder With Cheese Meal$ 10.09
Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese Meal$ 10.49
2 Cheeseburger Meal$ 7.39
Bacon Quarter Pounder With Cheese Meal$ 8.89
Quarter Pounder With Cheese Deluxe Meal$ 8.79
Double Quarter Cheese Deluxe Meal$ 9.99
Filet O Fish Meal$ 8.89

Drinks and Beverages

Medium Chocolate Shake$ 3.69
Medium Strawberry Shake$ 3.69
Medium Vanilla Shake$ 3.69
Oreo Fudge McFlurry$ 4.29
Regular M&M McFlurry$ 4.29
Regular Oreo McFlurry$ 4.29
Caramel Sundae$ 3.49
Hot Fudge Sundae$ 3.49
Plain Sundae$ 3.49

McNuggets Menu

McNuggets4pc$ 2.19
McNuggets6pc$ 2.89
McNuggets10pc$ 4.89
McNuggets Meal10pc$ 8.89
McNuggets20pc$ 6.89
McNuggets40pc$ 12.39

How to Order Online From the Outlet?

In today’s digital age, ordering food online has become incredibly popular and convenient. McDonald’s also offers customers the ability to order their food online through a variety of platforms.

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From Google and Play Store App

One of the easiest ways to order online from McDonald’s is through the Google Play Store or App Store. Simply search for the McDonald’s app and download it onto your device. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can create an account and start ordering directly from your phone. The app also provides users with access to exclusive deals and promotions.

Other Platforms

You can also order through third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, or DoorDash. These services allow you to browse the McDonald’s menu, place your order, and have it delivered directly to your doorstep.

Find the Nearest Outlet From Your Location

Finding the nearest McDonald’s outlet to your location and ordering food from it has never been easier. However, note that McDonald’s does not let you order from their official website. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to order food from the nearest McDonald’s outlet using the McDelivery app, for those located in the US:

  • Download the McDonald’s app and also make sure to have an account with either UberEats, Grubhub, Postmates, or DoorDash. You can download these apps on both Apple iOS and Android versions.
  • Share your location to find the nearest McDonald’s delivery available for you. The app will show you the estimated delivery time and the additional delivery fee. You can choose to switch to a pickup order at this point if you prefer.
  • Proceed with your McDelivery order by selecting items from the McDonald’s delivery menu. Once you have added everything you want to order to your “bag”, click on the “checkout now” option.
  • Review your order carefully, ensuring that everything is correct. If there are any changes that need to be made, go back and adjust your order accordingly.
  • Once you are satisfied with your order, proceed to complete your purchase through UberEats. You will be redirected to your UberEats app to finish the transaction.
  • After completing your purchase, your UberEats account will be linked to your McDonald’s app. You will no longer need to go through these steps to place an order in the future.

Ordering food from the nearest McDonald’s outlet is a quick and easy process. By following the step-by-step guide outlined above, you can place your order in just a few minutes. After all, what’s better than enjoying your favorite McDonald’s items from the comfort of your home or office?

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Outlet Operational Hours

Knowing the operational hours of a McDonald’s outlet is important, as it helps you plan your visits accordingly. Typically, most McDonald’s outlets are open seven days a week, with varying hours of operation depending on the location.

In general, the operational hours of McDonald’s outlets in the US are as follows:

Monday to Sunday: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM or 11:00 PM or 24 hours, depending on the location

However, there may be some exceptions to these timings, especially on special holidays. This includes Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, and Easter Sunday. On these days, some McDonald’s outlets may have limited hours or be closed entirely.

It’s always a good idea to check the operating hours of your nearest McDonald’s outlet before visiting. This is especially true during special holidays or in areas where there may be different regulations in place.

Breakfast Menu and Timing

McDonald’s is well-known for its breakfast menu, which is served during specific hours of the day. In the US, the breakfast menu at McDonald’s is usually available from 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM or 11:00 AM. Note that the timings may vary slightly depending on the location. Some McDonald’s outlets may also serve breakfast items throughout the day or have extended breakfast hours. So it’s always a good idea to check with your nearest outlet for their specific timings.

The breakfast menu at McDonald’s offers something for everyone. Some of the most popular items on the breakfast menu include the Egg McMuffin, the Sausage Burrito, and the Hotcakes. In recent years, McDonald’s has also introduced some healthier options to its breakfast menu, such as oatmeal.

The breakfast menu at McDonald’s is a popular choice for many customers, offering a range of tasty and convenient options to start the day. With specific timings in place, you can enjoy your breakfast at McDonald’s during the designated hours.

Deal and Coupons

McDonald’s is known for offering various deals, coupons, and promotions throughout the year. Here are some of the ongoing deals and coupons that you can take advantage of:

  • Free Big Mac®: For a limited time, you can get your hands on a free Big Mac by downloading the McD’s app and making a minimum purchase of $1. This offer allows you to enjoy the iconic burger with its special sauce without paying anything for it. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and claim your free Big Mac today through the McD’s app.
  • Dollar Menu: McDonald’s offers a “Dollar Menu” with items priced at $1, $2, and $3, making it a budget-friendly option for customers who want to grab a quick bite.
  • $0.99 for Any Size Coffee: Get your caffeine fix for just $0.99 with the McDonald’s app. You can enjoy any size Premium Roast or Iced Coffee for this low price, making it the perfect pick-me-up for any time of the day. Take advantage of this offer and enjoy your favorite coffee at a discounted price through the McDonald’s app.
  • Free Fries Friday: Enjoy Free Fries Friday by downloading the McDonald’s app and receiving a free medium fries with any minimum $1 purchase. Share this delicious deal with a friend and make your Friday extra special. Hurry and download the app now to get your free fries for a limited time.
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You can also check your local newspapers and coupon websites for additional coupons and deals. With the McDonald’s App, you can take advantage of these offers and enjoy a delicious meal without breaking the bank.

Cost of the Franchise for the Outlet

Becoming a franchisee can be attractive for entrepreneurs. However, the process of obtaining a franchise is highly selective, and the costs involved can be substantial.

The first step in the franchise process is to submit an application on the McDonald’s website. If the application is successful, the candidate will be invited to participate in an interview process. This is meant to assess their suitability for the franchise.

The cost of a McDonald’s franchise can vary depending on several factors, including the location, size, and type of restaurant. According to McDonald’s, the total investment for a new franchise can range from $1 million to $2.3 million. This includes the initial franchise fee of $45,000.

In addition to the initial investment, franchisees are also required to pay ongoing fees to McDonald’s. This includes a monthly service fee and a percentage of sales. Franchisees must also adhere to strict operational guidelines and standards set by McDonald’s. This is to ensure consistency across all locations.

While the costs involved in becoming a McDonald’s franchisee can be significant, the benefits can also be substantial. McDonald’s is a well-established brand with a strong track record of success. So, franchisees can benefit from the company’s extensive training and support programs in the long run.


Q1. What is the least expensive meal at McDonald’s?

Ans. The $1, $2, and $3 Menu includes affordable items such as the McChicken, McDouble, and small fries, among others.

Q2. How much does a Happy Meal cost at McDonald’s?

Ans. McDonald’s offers the best value for money with its Happy Meal, priced at $3, which includes a burger or nuggets, fries, apple slices, a drink, and a toy.

Q3. What items come in a Happy Meal?

Ans. McDonald’s Happy Meal is a kid-friendly meal that comes with a choice of a hamburger or Chicken McNuggets, along with fries, apple slices, a drink, and a toy.

Q4. Is McDonald’s Happy Meal available all day?

Ans. McDonald’s Happy Meal is available all day, including breakfast hours. You can choose from either Breakfast Happy Meals or regular Happy Meals.

Q5. How much do McDonald’s chicken nuggets cost?

Ans. McDonald’s chicken McNuggets come in five different sizes, ranging from a 4-piece to a 40-piece. The price varies depending on the size, with the 4-piece costing $1.89, and the 20-piece costing $6.69.

Q6. What is the most expensive item on the McDonald’s menu?

Ans. France’s Triple Cheddar and Double Beef Burger, at $15.70, is the most expensive item on McDonald’s menu worldwide. Others include Liechtenstein’s Big Tasty Double Bacon and Switzerland’s Big Tasty Double Bacon.

Q7. How much does a large order of fries cost at McDonald’s?

Ans. According to a study by The Food Theorists, the large McDonald’s fries offer the best value for money at $1.26 per gram. Other affordable options include Wendy’s large fries and Arby’s medium fries.

Q8. Who is the character associated with McDonald’s Happy Meals?

Ans. Happy is the mascot of McDonald’s Happy Meals and PlayPlaces right now. He replaced the iconic character Ronald McDonald.

Q9. What is the most expensive menu item at McDonald’s?

Ans. The Triple Cheddar and Double Beef burger from France is the most expensive item on McDonald’s menu, priced at $15.70. It includes beef, cheese, crispy fried onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard.

Q10. How much does a large drink cost at McDonald’s?

Ans. McDonald’s has been offering its $1 large drink for over a decade, making it a popular and affordable option for customers.

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