Does Gatorade Expire? 7 Signs To Look For

Have you had the pleasure of tasting Gatorade?

You must if you already haven’t. It is one of the most popular sports drink famous among different age groups. It is enriched with electrolytes and contains quick-burning carbohydrates. If you are someone who goes to the gym, then you might have stocked up on Gatorade.

But with all the stockpiled up, have you ever wondered: “Does Gatorade Expire”?

NO!! Gatorade does not expire but comes with a best-before date. It means you can use it even if the best-before date passes. Although an expired pack is safe to consume, it will not be as flavorful as a fresh one. So, if you want a strong, flavorful drink, you must buy a new bottle.

Gatorade is one of the best energy drinks, so you must store it properly. In this article, we will learn about how to store Gartrode and when to discard it. Apart from bottled Gartrode, we’ll also learn about powdered Gartrode and its shelf life.

How To Store Gatorade the right way?

Gatorade is like any other bottled drink, which can go bad. So how do you store Gatorade to make it last longer? If you have an unopened bottle, storing it at room temperature is fine. But once you have opened the bottle, you must keep it in the refrigerator. Although many people don’t like their sports drink cold, refrigerating it will make them last longer. Read further to know how to store powdered, bottled, and Gatorade chews:

1. Powdered Gatorade

If you had to choose between powdered Gatorade and bottled Gatorade, what would you pick? I would go with powdered Gatorade. It is because powdered form lasts longer than bottled Gatorade. An unopened pack of powdered Gatorade can last approximately two years past its expiration date. But once the pack is opened, consume it within 6 months. To store your powdered Gatorade, it is better to store it in a cool, dark pantry. If you mix the powder Gatorade with water, you must consume the liquid within a day or two. 

expiration date of gatorade

Tip: Found an old pack of Gatorade powder that’s past its expiration date? Don’t throw it away. If the powder is clumpy or has lumps, then throw it away. But if it still has fine form, it is as good as new.

2. Bottled Gatorade

Before you buy a bottle of Gatorade, make sure to look at the expiry date. Unlike powdered Gatorade, an unopened Gatorade bottle lasts up to 3 years past its expiration date. But once opened, the bottle must be consumed within a day or two. If you have an opened bottle in the refrigerator, it can last up to a week before becoming inedible. You must also make sure that you seal the bottle cap tightly before keeping it aside. This will prevent bacteria from thriving inside the leftover drink.

TIP: Unless you want to drink Gatorade immediately, keep it in the fridge. This will help the bottle maintain its shelf life.

3. Gatorade Chews

Another way of consuming Gatorade is in the form of energy-chewing gums. The good thing: Gatorade chews do not expire. However, if they are not stored properly, the gum can become hard to chew. Check for the ‘best by’ date on the label before buying.

How Long Does Gatorade Last?

Like any other edible food product, Gatorade comes with a best-by date. But if the date expires, it does not mean the product is inedible. Even after its best-by date, it can last for months and years. However, the taste of an old Gatorade will be different from a fresh one.

An open bottle of Gatorade can last for a couple of weeks when stored properly. However, the taste can deteriorate if the bottle is kept for a long time.

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Does Gatorade Expire? How To Tell If a bottled Gatorade Is Bad?

If you plan on drinking from an old Gatorade bottle, pour the drink into a glass. Once done, look for the following signs:

different flavours of gatorade in the shelf

1. Appearance Of Container

The container’s body speaks a lot about the quality of the product. If you see the container damaged, there is a chance that the content is already ruined. If you see the bottle dirty or warped or the seal is broken, toss the bottle away. These are evident signs of a bad Gatorade that is unsafe for drinking.

2. Color Alteration

A color change is a clear indication of a bad Gatorade. It is no longer drinkable if you see the Gatorade turning darker shades. You might also find a thick fluid in the fluid. This indicates the drink is rotten, and time to toss it away.

3. Sediment On Bottom

Looking for sediments in Gatorade juice is an easy sign of spoilage. Look at the bottle’s end from below. The drink is no longer edible if you find a layer of sediment. The sediments form because the ingredients break when left open. Therefore, make sure to seal the bottle shut after using it.

4. Floating Particles

You can find tiny bits of particles floating in the bottle as a sign of spoilage. It happens if you leave the bottle open at room temperature. Leaving it open can cause the bacteria to grow, degrading its quality. Consuming Gatorade that has floating particles can cause serious health issues. 

5. Funny Or Off Smell

A bad smell from edible food speaks loud of its deteriorated quality. You will notice a sweet smell if you smell a fresh bottle of Gatorade. A bad Gatorade, on the other hand, smells stinky and sour. If you find a funny-smelling bottle lying around, toss it in the bin.

6. Sour Or Bitter Taste

Tasting an edible product is an essential clue to knowing its quality. If you taste a sour or bitter taste instead of a sweet fruity one, throw away the drink. A spoiled Gatorade will become sour and less flavorful.

7. Mold And Clumps

Leaving your Gatorade open will expose it to bacteria and fungi. The bottle will become a home for molds. If you see signs of molds appearing, throw away the bottle. Consuming a drink with molds in it can cause serious health problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it safe to drink expired Gatorade?

Ans. Gatorade is a shelf-stable product, which makes it safe for consumption years past its date. You must only remember that the product remains unopened while in the store. If the product is opened, look for signs of spoilage before consuming it.

Q2. How do I know if my Gatorade is expired?

Ans. A sure-shot way to check the expiry date of the Gatorade is by reading the bottleneck. The bottleneck has the best-before date printed, telling you about the optimal freshness.

Q3. Is 2 year old Gatorade safe?

Ans. Gatorade is a shelf-stable product, i.e, if unopened, it can be used after its expiration date. Therefore, a 2-year-old Gatorade is safe to use past its expiry date.

Q4. What happens if you drink expired electrolytes?

Ans. An unopened bottle/pack of electrolytes is safe to consume without experiencing side effects. An expiry date is a rough estimate of the product’s peak period.

Q5. Do Gatorade protein shakes expire?

Ans. Gatorade does not come with an expiry date, so the answer is NO. A Gatorade protein shake does not expire. However, it comes with a best-before date. The best-before date indicates that the product will be best till the date mentioned.

The Bottom Line

Even at room temperature, Gatorade can survive for years, even after its expiration date. However, an open bottle of Gatorade can still go bad in a week or two. Look for signs of spoilage in the Gatorade. A change in color, sediment, or smell indicates the drink has gone bad. Throw away the bad juice to avoid getting sick. If you finish the bottle at a go, you can stock up on the entire carton. If not, you already know different ways to store Gatorade juice.

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